Retaining users and encouraging interaction with great mobile app design

One of our most treasured clients is CareerTrackers – a national non-profit that helps indigenous young adults to graduate university, obtain industry experience and gain a professional career. With business goals this noble it’s incredibly humbling to be a part of their vision.

In our first project, we designed a mobile app with the aim of keeping students engaged, active and happy throughout their program. This allows CareerTrackers to increase user retention and program completion, whilst also making it easier for student advisors to be connected to the students they mentor. With a simple tap of the finger, students are able to view their program progression, complete surveys or tasks, and chat with their advisor. The intuitive dashboard and gamified achievements ensure that the app isn’t just handy, but also fun and rewarding.

The app is an always-there student sidekick, making life that little bit easier for thousands of indigenous Australians taking part in the CareerTrackers program.
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